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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Kyatchi recently opened on 37th and Nicollet in South Minneapolis. Kyatchi is a Japanese restaurant that highlights healthy, sustainable seafood in an urban-casual environment. My mom and I went for lunch last Saturday and enjoyed sharing a few of their small plates. Their menu is eclectic, ranging from Japanese hot-dogs to eel rolls. My mom and I started with their seaweed salad, a beautiful plate of colorful seaweed tossed with a light sesame dressing. We also tried their curry dog, salmon rice ball, bonito flake rice ball, ebi mayo roll and the scallop yuzu kosho. The curry dog was tasty; I enjoyed the crunchy cabbage. Their dogs are served with a Japanese potato salad I found a bit bland and one-note. The rice balls were also tasty but quite simple: packed sushi rice with a pinch of bonito or salmon inside. The ebi mayo roll had cooked white shrimp and mayo inside, again simple but well executed.  For $13, I was not crazy about the scallop dish. The flavors of the scallop mentioned in the menu ingredients (chili pepper, yuzu peel and sea salt) did not come through enough. Nevertheless, I loved the creativity of the menu, friendly staff, and pleasant d├ęcor.  I will definitely return to try one of their rice bowls or ramen dishes. 

Check out their website by clicking HERE

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  1. I love Japanese food. The aroma of the food goes right up to your heart. Kyatchi has presented such wonderful dishes in a way which attracts all. All are just awesome and mouthwatering.