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Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother's Day BBQ

For this past Mother's Day, my husband and I hosted a BBQ for our families. I wanted to make ribs on the grill, since I have never made them from scratch and have been craving them like crazy. Besides, the weather is FINALLY warming up, and what's better than meat on the grill?!! 

I found a recipe for BBQ ribs with a root beer BBQ sauce from Bobby Flay, the celebrity grill king! I liked the idea of creating my own sauce with sweet notes of clove, cinnamon and anise instead of a spicier sauce which not everyone loves. I also paired the ribs with a few sides: corn muffins, caramelized sweet potatoes, coleslaw and watermelon. The rib recipe calls for brining the ribs overnight, which helps tenderize the pork. Unfortunately, being the grilling novices that my husband and I are, we didn't start the coals on the grill until 1/2 hour before guests arrived. I later learned that ribs should be grilled low and slow for about 2 hours! 2 hours that we did not have!!! Adam's aunt arrived to save the day by salvaging the ribs and grilling them perfectly in less than an hour! I think the brine really helped keep the meat moist even though we sped up the cooking process. 

Take a look at this fab recipe from Bobby Flay for your next BBQ. Your guests are sure to be impressed!!

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