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Monday, November 18, 2013

Sweet Corn and Smokey Bacon Chowder

This past week I made a large batch of sweet and smokey corn chowder, perfect for a cozy night in. I found the recipe online from the Barefoot Contessa's collection on the Food Network. I followed the recipe loosely, adding my own personal touch. For example, instead of using baking potatoes I choose to use the healthier sweet potato as a substitute. Instead of sprinkling bacon bits on top of the soup, I combined the bacon into the soup. I used smokey bacon ends from Trader Joe's to add a deep smokey flavor to pair with my sweet corn and potatoes. Lastly, I added carrots to the recipe for an extra element of texture and flavor. This soup is rich and elegant, you could easily serve the soup as a main dish with an accompanied salad and/or french bread. Don't forget to freeze any leftover soup for future enjoyment! 

Check out the Barefood Contessa's recipe by clicking on the link below:

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