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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chimborazo Restaurant

On Monday, I had the pleasure of dining at Chimborazo, an Ecuadorian restaurant on 28th and Central in Northeast Minneapolis. The restaurant is small and quaint with a handful of tables, colorful walls, and a pea-sized kitchen. It was clear to me after eating at Chimborazo that chef and owner, Marcos Pinguil prepares each dish to order with fresh, homemade ingredients. The cuisine is authentically Ecuadorian and features many traditional ingredients such as hominy, potatoes, and plantains. The atmosphere is casual and cheery, a perfect lunch spot. For lunch, my group shared the Churrasco with chicken, Enconcado with shrimp and Llapingachos con chorizo. My favorite dish was by far the Enconcado, shrimp stewed in a fragrant coconut sauce. The sauce is rich and sweet, almost like a curry cream. Plates are garnished with fresh, acidic red onion salads to cut the heaviness of most dishes. On the side, they serve a green sauce which is a fantastic condiment to most everything we ate. The sauce is made by blending cilantro, garlic and olive oil. The chorizo and potato pancake dish (llapingachos) was also very tasty. The chorizo was flavorful yet not overly spicy. The pancakes were fluffy and moist, packed with cheese inside. Another great sauce which accompanied the chorizo was a rich peanut sauce not to be missed. Lastly, the chicken and bean dish (churrasco) was just OK. The chicken was a tad bland, yet I enjoyed the beans and plantains served on the side. I would highly recommend this tiny gem! Prices are low and food is worth the drive out to Northeast ;)

Check out their recipe by clicking HERE

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