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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pig Ate My Pizza

Cider Ham Rules 
Ray Charles 
Scallop and Rafael Pizzas
Scallop Ceviche 
Salt and Pepper Nugs 

Pig Ate My Pizza in Robbinsdale is truly unique among pizza joints. The restaurant is run by the owners of Travail, the former chef-fronted molecular gastronomy restaurant. The restaurant is located on a quiet street, in a sleep town... but inside, the restaurant is anything but sleepy. Myself and 9 other friends gathered early to the restaurant at around 5pm (arrive any later and you'll end up waiting for possibly hours!) Luckily, we got in right away and were seated at a high booth looking over the restaurant and kitchen. Music blasted old rock classics, decorative animals and nick-nacks clad the walls. The pizza kitchen is open and visible to the diners (always entertaining to see pizza flipping high into the air!) and all menu items are posted on chalkboards. 

Now getting to the grub... holy smokes this place is spot on delicious! Our group ordered 5 pizzas our server recommended to share alongside their scallop ceviche appetizer and salt and pepper nugs. The pizza crust is cooked napoleon style, thin and crispy. All of their toppings are extremely creative and inventive, for example the Ray Charles pizza features crispy kale, BBQ pork belly, peaches and mesquite smoke. My favorite pizzas were the scallop pizza, delicately presented with smokey bacon and butter sauce and the Cider Ham Rules, clad with homemade potato chips, shredded ham, black truffle and braised apple. When the pizzas are presented at the table, the chefs/servers whip out various "secret ingredient" spray bottles to spritz various flavorings atop the piping hot pizzas. If you ask me, the "spray" must have some intoxicating drug chemical inside because the pizzas are out of this world tasty!  

If you are looking for a new type of pizza eating experience, I highly recommend you try Pig Ate My Pizza, just be sure to arrive extra early to avoid a line. 

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