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Friday, July 26, 2013

Best New Restaurant! Rincon 38

Cannoli filled with fresh lobster, crab, parsley, ricotta mascarpone cheese over a truffle-almond sauce
Crispy saffron poached cauliflower tossed with parsley and pimenton served with citrus aioli 
Slowly braised octopus served with patatas, citrus aioli, pimenton aioli, Spanish chorizo,
artichokes drizzled with sherry
Thyme crusted pork tenderloin served over potatoes and cauliflower in a manchego-chorizo sauce
Cardamon scallops served with a lemon beurre blanc sauce 
Oven roasted sea bass served over a vegetable-4 cheese polenta, baby spinach, fennel slaw in saffron sauce

Last night, I joined my family (pictured above) at the new tapas bar, Rincon 38 located on 38th and Grand in South Minneapolis. Chef and owner, Hector Ruiz is the brain child behind Cafe Ena and the former El Mason all located in South Minneapolis. Hector seems to enjoy the location as he is embarking on yet another new restaurant off 47th and Grand called La Fresca. Rincon 38 is a small restaurant on the corner with a nice sidewalk patch for outdoor dining. The decor is similar to Cafe Ena, simple with rich wood accents and warm lighting. The restaurant feels very comfortable, like a place you could stay for a while with wine and plate after plate of tapas. Tapas is a Spanish word meaning, small plate. Small plate dining has become very popular, because of its playful, communal nature. Dining with tapas allows guests the chance to sample and share a small amount of several dishes. Last night, my family and I sat outside and enjoyed several tapas from pork to cauliflower to scallops. Every dish arrived beautifully presented with colorful sauces and garnishes begging to be devoured. The creativity in presentation was impressive, but not as impressive as their prices! The plates are generous in proportion and extremely affordable. The sea bass dish for example costs $12, where most anywhere else you would pay nearly double for a fresh piece of sea bass. Now, cost and plating aside, the food is delicious! Every dish was finessed with elegance and subtlety. The fish and seafood dishes were my ultimate favorites. The scallop dish was incredibly tender and succulent, paired with a heavenly beurre blanc sauce with the slightest hint of lemon. The sea bass was cooked to perfection and paired with the creamiest polenta you'll ever have. Top that off with a savory and rich saffron sauce and you've got a winner. The cannoli on the other hand blew me away with its delicately crafted pasta and award winning truffle-almond sauce. The truffle-almond sauce was a true treasure. I highly recommend this precious gem for it's comfortable and warm atmosphere, kind staff, great prices and delicately delicious tapas. 

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