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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Homemade Sushi

For my graduation party this past Sunday, I made homemade sushi rolls. Making sushi can seem intimidating,  but once you've got all of your ingredients assembled, the process is actually quite simple. In my opinion, the trickiest part of the process is making sushi rice. Sushi rice is made with a special variety of short grain rice and mixed with rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Making rice has become an art form for many Japanese Chefs. The process takes several hours from start to finish and requires years of experience. If you are interested in making rice like the pros, I encourage you to watch this video I have linked below. 

In my past posting titled, "Sushi Party", I wrote a few important recipes as well as an ingredient list. Search for that posting on my site to access more info about homemade sushi! 

Video on making proper sushi rice!

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