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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Domacin Wine Bar

Last weekend, my husband and I stayed at the enchanting Rivertown Inn to celebrate my graduation from Interior Design school. The Rivertown Inn is a historic bed and breakfast atop the hills of beautiful Stillwater, MN. During our stay, we dined at the popular wine bar Domacin, rated one of the 25 best wine bars by Travel and Leisure Magazine. The restaurant's extensive wine cellar holds over 600 bottles from around the world. The atmosphere is casual, with sleek and contemporary designs. The cuisine at Domacin is described as New American with a Mediterranean undertone. Most of the ingredients are brought in by local and organic vendors. 

My husband and I sat at the bar and ordered a bottle of Austrian Gruner Veltliner. Our server notified us that the bottle needed to be chilled. While we waited for our bottle to cool, they generously offered us two glasses on the house. The wait staff was swift, friendly and knowledgeable, adding to our overall positive experience at the restaurant. My husband and I decided to order a variety of small plates: mussels, scallops and broccolini (not pictured). The mussels were served in a white wine cream sauce with capers and scallion. The briny capers paired well with the shellfish, while the cream mellowed out the dish. We loved the sauce so much that we lapped up the remaining sauce with bread :) The scallops were served atop a lovely carrot puree, yuzu, candied papaya and scallion. The scallops were cooked perfectly. The sauce was light and tart, a perfect light appetizer for summer. We ordered broccolini as a side dish which was also quite tasty, served with preserved lemon and pancetta. For dessert, we ordered a small cup of peanut butter semifreddo. Semifreddo is a chilled mousse, made with half ice cream and half cream. The dessert was ultra rich and creamy - the perfect ending to a fantastically sweet evening!

Click HERE for a link to Domacin 

Click HERE for a link to the Rivertown Inn 

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