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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burch Steakhouse and Pizza Bar

Salmon tartare, shallots, kalamata olives, agrumato
Chocolate braised rabbit bridie, acorn squash, pine nuts
Fried semolina dumplings, brown butter, sage
Veal & pork kinkhali, butter, chili thread
Bone marrow, consommé, star anise

This past Monday I dined at Burch, the latest venture by James Beard Award-winning chef Isaac Becker (his other endeavors include Minneapolis restaurants La Grassa and the 112 Eatery). My girlfriend and I arrived at 7pm with a reservation (which are a MUST) and were seated immediately. The restaurant is composed of two different sections: the downstairs pizza bar and upstairs steakhouse. We were seated in the main dining room where the ambiance is reminiscent of the building's former identity as a pharmacy. The floors are a beautiful vintage white and black tile and the 14' ceilings create an open, airy feeling. The restaurants large windows face Hennepin Avenue where cars and pedestrians flood by. Black booths, vintage bulb lighting and brick walls provide a unique flair of American vintage. The menu consists of various sections from small plates and dumplings a la carte, to larger shared plates and steak. The menu lends itself well to sharing. My girlfriend and I shared several small dishes. We started out with the salmon tartare, which was delicious but we both thought the portion size could have been larger. The salmon was fairly mild with hints of acid and salt from the olives and lemon. Next we sampled the chocolate braised rabbit, stuffed in what looked like a fancy empanada. Inside the pasty was the most succulent braised rabbit with deep rich flavors revealing a hint of chocolate but not overpowering the dish. We loved every bite of this dish. We also ordered three very different dumplings, including a semolina dumpling, which tasted like a rich gnocchi,  a veal dumpling with chili threads, and lastly a bone marrow dumpling with a rich star anise broth. The dumplings were all amazing, my favorite being the veal dumpling with chili threads. The bone marrow dumpling was incredibly rich and filling especially when paired with its aromatic broth. I was impressed by the uniqueness of Burch's menu, especially their dumplings. I have never seen such innovative, tasty and creative recipes. Aside from the superior quality of food, the service was also impeccable. We were never left with an empty water glass and our table was cleared and cleaned between dishes. 

If you are interested in dining at Burch, please click below to be transferred to their website. 

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