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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Capital Grille

My husband was gifted a Capital Grille gift card for the holidays. I have always wanted try the CG, but the cost of $40 and up for a steak has kept us waiting for a worthy occasion to slurge, until now! My husband and I made reservations for a Sunday evening at 6:30pm. The CG is located downtown Minneapolis, next to the State Theater on Hennepin Ave. The CG recieves a great deal of its business from theater goers. When we arrived, the restaurant was completely packed with pre-theater diners. Our first encounter was with the hostess, who was bogged down by a crowd of people waiting to be seated. Despite the crowds, she was pleasant and efficient at getting us to our table.
I could not help but notice the speed at which our server, Katie arrived at our table to greet us. Katie explained the menu to us with a friendly, approachable demenour. My husband and I knew within the first few minutes of service that we'd be well taken care of. I had heard about their amazing lobster and crab cakes from my mother, so we started our meal with the crab cakes and a blue cheese wedge salad. Quickly after ordering, drinks and bread arrived. Shortly there after, our salad arrived split onto two plates. The portion size was generous and ingredients bright and beautiful. Next arrived our crab cakes on a platter alongside a sweet corn relish and delicious homemade tarter. The crab cakes were prepared simply, without excess seasoning which allowed the seafood to sing. The CG really knows how to cook simple food with absolute perfection. For our main entree, we decided to split the Filet Oscar, served over asparagus, lump crabmeat and their house-made bearnaise, a delivish sauce made of clarified butter, egg yolks, white wine vinegar and herbs. Upon arrival of our steak, I notice that the chef once again had split the dish for us into quite large portions. The plate looked so beautiful, I could hardly bring myself to touch it...just kidding, I could hardly stop myself from devouring the entire dish! Each bite of steak was better than the next. I have never eaten such a tender, flavorful piece of meat. The steak melted like butter in my mouth and to top it off, the crab and bearnaise added an entire new level of amazingness!!! Needless to say, I am now in love with the CG and have already made reservations to return for Valentine's Day. If you are looking for a real treat, splurge on a night out to the CG!

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