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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Buvette Gastrotheque, Greenwich Village, NYC

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my husband and I were able to spend a few nights in New York City. Before our trip, I did extensive research on New York's hottest new restaurants. In the course of my study, I discovered Buvette, a small French gastrotheque in Greenwich Village. Gastrotheque is a French word used to express a casual restaurant serving provincial wines and small plates. I was initially drawn to Buvette for its quaint, romantic atmosphere. When we arrived, I was struck by the exceptionally squeezed size of the place. The restaurant uses miniature tables, thin surfaces and child-sized serving dishes to provide a uniquely French and uniquely delicate feeling. The interior of the space is simple and elegant with candlelit tables and bar, marble table-tops and deep woods. Buvette is French in every sense of the word. Some people wonder why French woman remain thin when their diet tends to include heavy cream, bone marrow, butter, wine and cheese. Well folks, I think I have found the answer! The French eat rich foods in very small portions.  I have to admit, they've got a great concept, if only big-macs and super-size-me media would get the hint! For dinner, we ordered a tartinette with balsamic, Parmesan, sage and prosciutto as well as mussels in white white, and a cauliflower gratin with Gruyere. The plates arrived in tiny dishes, and yet the ingredients were rich and satisfying enough to satiate our all-day-walking-appetites. We shared a delightful carafe of Sauvignon Blanc for a reasonable $18. I would highly recommend a trip to Buvette next time you find yourself in NYC. Just remember to pack light: there will be not room for bulky coats and bags ;). 

Check out their website by clicking here. 

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