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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Raku Modern Japanese Restaurant

Flaming Sushi Rolls!

Seaweed Salad 

Tuna Pizza 

Hurricane Roll 

Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream 

My good friend Natalie kept telling me how fabulous this place Raku was, so when a Groupon appeared in my inbox I had to accept fate :) When going to a sushi restaurant in the Twin Cities I usually go into the experience with an expectation of decent seafood, and traditional fare. What I was not expecting to appear at Raku were a whole slew of unique and "modern" (hence the name) dishes reflected on the traditional but much improved. Raku opened up in Edina just off 50th and France fairly recently. Their interior is large and pleasant with light colors and cozy booths. My husband and I parked ourselves at the sushi bar and within seconds were entertained by flaming rolls, and large sashimi platters arriving in the window clad with foe ginkgo trees and figurines! This place takes the saying, "we eat with our eyes" very seriously! We started by ordering seaweed salad and tuna pizza. The seaweed was pretty traditional of course, but the pizza? at a sushi restaurant? brilliant! The crust of the "pizza" was a crispy layering of wonton wrappers which tasted like a crispy potato cake. Atop the crust lay crab-meat, a think layer guacamole, then fresh tuna, then spicy mayo and eel sauce. The combination of creamy guacamole, fresh seafood, a hint of spice and a crispy crust was undeniably delicious. I would have order another had we not ordered a sushi roll. Our sushi roll was called, " The Hurricane" and featured a mixture of spicy tuna, salmon and avocado on the inside while the outside is deep fried, cut and drizzled with fish roe, spicy mayo and eel sauce. I love the texture of deep fired sushi because the edges of the seaweed wrapper crisp up leaving a stark contrast between the crunchy outer layer and the soft inside. By the end of the meal I was not quite full, so we splurged and ordered my favorite tempura fried green tea ice cream. I have had green tea tempura ice cream before at other Japanese restaurants and could not tell much of a difference. I am sure the ice cream and technique for frying are similar, so no room for tremendous variance. While delicious, I could have gone without and enjoyed that perfect feeling of satisfaction instead of fullness! I can honesty say that Raku is now my favorite sushi restaurant in the Twin Cities!!!

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