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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Everest on Grand

My husband and I moved 5 blocks away from Everest on Grand in May 2012 and we only just experienced the restaurant on Monday! I had been waiting for the right excuse to go, so when my husband's co-worker invited us I was thrilled. Everest on Grand has been a St. Paul staple for years; the small two room restaurant is always packed in the evenings for dinner and during the day for their buffet lunch. Everest specializes in Nepali, North Indian and Tibetan cuisine including curries, Tandoor, noodles and their famous Nepali dumplings called, momo. Everest prides itself on making each dish from scratch and focusing on quality, fresh ingredients. I have been hearing about their momo dumplings for quite some time, and was not surprised why after eating the tiny flavorful bites. Momo are typically steamed and filled with spices, yak, lamb, chicken, veggies... you name it. The best part of the dumplings is the dipping sauce composed of tomatoes, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamon, chili, oil garlic and onion. I wanted to order a cup of this stuff and pour it over everything! We also ordered a samosa as an appetizer, which is a fried pastry composed of potato, lentils and often peas. The samosa was decent, nothing out of the norm. For our entrees, my husband and I shared Matar Paneer and Kauli. Matar Paneer is a dish of green peas cooked with Paneer cheese in a creamy herb sauce. Kauli is a cauliflower curry cooked with potatoes, peas and spices. The matar paneer came to the table with a layer of oil on top which was not exactly enticing. Looks aside, the dish hit all the right notes: rich, salty, creamy, spicy and nutty. The kauli was delicious as well, a little less soupy and fantastic mixed together with the matar paneer. I have eaten a lot of Indian food in my day, and their Indian dishes hit the mark. I would be interested on my next visit to try their Nepali and Tibetan offerings. 

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