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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Goat Cheese Risotto

It's election day and who doesn't feel great about living in the U.S.A  where we have the freedom to vote? For dinner tonight, I wanted to make an equally special dish to enjoy while watching the polls ebb and flow, and tensions rise and fall. Risotto is a special dish because: 1- it's time consuming 2- it's rich and comforting and 3- it represents our diverse cultures in the U.S.A, risotto being from Italy. I used goat cheese, peas and truffle oil to enhance my risotto and made sure to toast the arborio rice before cooking. Foodies around the country have a cooking preference for risotto, for example: some prefer al dente rice, some prefer a thick sauce and other like a runny sauce. Personally, I enjoy al dente rice and a slightly thicker sauce. It should be up to you, the chef to decide! As for the recipe, I loosely followed Jamie Oliver's recipe. Being that I failed to measure... I have posted Jamie's recipe for you below:

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