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Sunday, September 2, 2012

St. Paul Farmer's Market

This morning I ventured over to the St. Paul Farmer's Market in Lowertown. In the past I have always gone to the Minneapolis market downtown but now that I live across the river I figured I better bite the bullet and change locales! 
The farmers market is always bustling with activity and excitement; musicians playing on the stoop, colorful produce, merchants taking change, strollers and families munching on sweet corn and roasted nuts...this place oozes with life. As a kid I remember getting up early Saturday mornings with my mother to beat the crowds and snatch up the freshest goods. I loved the energy of the market, people watching, free samples (especially the honey sticks!) and helping my mother pick out fresh food for the evenings dinner. One time we even made our own pickles from farmers market cucumbers! This morning I bought cilantro, red peppers, cucumbers, green beans and potatoes all for under $10... can't beat that at the grocery store! Tonight I will prepare a meal using my market goods and blog about it, so check back to view my creation!!

If you have never been, I highly recommend a trip to both markets however the St. Paul market is a bit smaller and does not offer as many food vendors. I have posted a link to find a market near you. 

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