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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pan Seared Haddock over Sweet Carrot Puree, Broccolini & Crispy Potatoes

Dinner last night was a hodgepodge of various kitchen delights. I always see carrot purees used in restaurant dishes, and wanted to try to recreate one myself. I cooked with broccolini because it's one of my favorite vegetables. I love to eat the stalks, which are often tossed away on traditional broccoli. I whipped up crispy potatoes, due to the sole fact of their having been in a bowl on the counter ready to use for weeks ;). Sometimes, you have to get creative with what you have in life, whether it's an unused potato or business you want to create... (hint hint). Haddock, I bought at Trader Joe's frankly because it was cheap! Haddock is a mild marine fish, sold all over the world and used in Norway for their fish balls and Scotland for their fish suppers. Most commonly, haddock is cooked for British fish and chips! (great idea btw). I cooked my haddock by simply sautéing it in butter and herbs. I have posted a link below for a luxurious carrot puree to be used with almost anything... it's the good! 

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