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Monday, July 16, 2012

Dinner...Campground Style!

This past weekend, my husband and I set out to conquer the wilderness. Having both been camping as children, we remembered the great outdoors with glee and excitement for campfires, samores and ghost stories. What we failed to remember was all the work involved, crazed and depraved bugs, heat and sheer discomfort of sleeping on rocks and dirt!
Even our dog Jimmy (pictured) was out of his comfort zone covered with burrs and ticks pining for his sweet blood. After a long day of canoeing down the St. Croix river, we set out on the 1.5 mile trek to our campsite entitled, "dry creek hallow" in the Wild River State Park near Taylor's Falls, MN. We finally reach our campsite around 6 pm hot, tired and covered with mosquito bites despite the nearly full bottle of bug spray we coated ourselves with! For dinner, I brought along fresh green beans and zucchini and delicious chicken tamales. We hoped to light a fire and eat right away, but nature had a different course for us. All of the branches and twigs were slightly damp from the previous nights rain, which made our (fire starting) dinner delay one more hour (which felt like years). As my husband was diligently setting up the rest of our camp, I was desperately trying to nibble frozen bites of chicken from the tamales while simultaneously picking ticks and burrs off of our oblivious pooch. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner when it finally cooked and thoroughly enjoyed the car drive back into the land of showers, clean water and kitchens!!

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