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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Butcher and the Boar

Our Table 

Pickle Plate 

Shrimp Cocktail 

Long Rib 

Fried Green Tomatoes 

Sausage platter 

Lobster Grilled Cheese 


Stuffed Jalapenos 
Berry Shortcake 

For my 25th birthday on Tuesday, I went out to eat at the Butcher and the Boar, a new downtown Minneapolis hot spot on 1121 Hennepin. For weeks now everyone has been raving about this place so of course it was first on my list of birthday dinner spots. The restaurant is run by Jack Riebel, formerly of the Dakota Jazz Club. The concept for Butcher and the Boar includes regional american cuisine, great beer and better bourbon! The restaurant is fairly large with a "beer garden" outside where the atmosphere is notably more casual where they feature hot dogs and beer, an outdoor service patio, two bars, a large open kitchen and the inside dining room. The decor is dark and masculine with copper penny flooring, tree stump cocktail tables, dim lighting and rustic wood chairs and tables. Their menu is designed for a shared dining experience where the table orders as a group. You'd be hard pressed to find your traditional three course meal at this place. The menu is divided into greens, snacks, waters, butcher, meat, prime, sausage and sides. I like the menu style, the appearance is simple yet stylish and invites the opportunity for multiple meal options, unless your a vegetarian ;). The restaurant smokes their own meat in the basement, making their meat, sausage and butcher features the obvious highlight. As you can see for my photos, we had quite the feast. Everything we ordered was tasty and hearty, from the creamy lobster grilled cheese, to the crispy and salty fried green tomatoes. To make it easier, I'll give you a list of items we tried along with a rating, for your future dining  guide!

*=  tasted awful, will never order again
**= it was ok, filled the tummy 
***= delicious, exceeded expectations
****= could have as my last meal! 

Pickle Plate: *** (delish aperitif)
Shrimp Cocktail: ** (nothing too unique)
Long Rib: **** (tender, loved the tabasco-molasses BBQ)
Fried Green Tomatoes: *** (crispy and delicious)
Sausage Platter: *** (fun to try three different types)
Mussels: ** (I've had much better- broth fairly simple)
Lobster Grilled Cheese: *** (ummm think about it!)
Stuffed Jalapenos: ** (unique- filled with peanut sauce) 
Berry Shortcake: ** (biscuit was dry- dessert clearly not the 

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