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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Meal in the New House: Cecil's Sammies!

Much needed fuel!
Nowhere to sit yet :(
Wonderful Helpers!

 Moving day, May 1st... 24 foot long truck? check! Good helpers? check! Fabulous food? check! For my first meal in the new house, I was adamant about getting deli food from Cecil's, my favorite delicatessen on Cleveland. When I was a kid at my grandmothers St. Paul apartment, we'd often stop by Cecil's to pick up dinner. Oddly enough, my Father even worked the deli for a short stint as a kid growing up in Highland. Cecil's has the best house cured corned beef and the best coleslaw I have ever had! 

Here's the scoop on how to prepare the BEST deli sammie:
1. Smear a thin layer of stone ground mustard onto pumpernickel bread
2. Pile on a heaping amount of fresh deli corned beef
3. Add a generous portion of swiss cheese
4. Pile on Cecil's coleslaw
5. Add a few thin dill pickle slices.. also available at Cecil's. 
5. If you are like me... squeeze a tad bit of ketchup onto your bread
6. DIG IN!! 
* Optional: toasting your sandwich is delicious as well. Just add your coleslaw after toasting 

Click here to visit Cecil's Website

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