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Monday, April 23, 2012

Vegan Vegetable and Tofu Curry with Black Rice

For dinner tonight, Adam and I had our vegan landlords over for an Indian meal. I am not accustomed to cooking vegan, but luckily, Indian cusine lends itself well for meatless dishes without substituting flavor or nutrients.  For my curry dish, I used a butter chicken paste (sans chicken!), coconut milk and yellow curry sauce. I added fresh ginger, fresh garlic and cilantro to elevate my fresh vegetables. As for veg and protiens, I used cubed yams, pea pods, red pepper, broccoli, tofu and fresh peas (really anything will taste amazing dunked into a delicious curry suace). At the bottom of the curry, I spooned in black rice, which added great texture and color. Curries can seem overwhelming to prepare becuause of their endless roster if ingredients, so I prefer to take a minor shortcut by usung a pre-packaged curry paste and doctoring it up with fresh ingredients such as cilantro, ginger, onion and garlic. I guarantee, it'll turn out delicious- just don't forget to add coconut milk to cool down the heat and of course taste your sauce as you go. Please share your curry recipes by sending me a comment below this post. Cheers to good eats and a lovely summer to come!!

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