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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mill Valley Kitchen Dinner and Yogurt Lab Dessert... Perfection

Last night, my best gal pal and I went out for dinner to the Mill Valley Kitchen, a new restaurant off of Excelsior and France avenue in St. Louis Park. The restaurant is named after Mill Valley California which is located about 14 miles north of San Francisco and known for its wealthy residents, beautiful landscape and local food scene. Mill Valley Kitchen in St. Louis Park tries to recreate the atmosphere and cuisine of Northern California by incorporating fresh design, white coffered ceilings, soft brown and green decor and local organic ingredients. The space is beautiful and light, much like their fare. The most shocking part about their menu, is the calorie, protein, carb and fat content displayed underneath the menu item. Not too many restaurants could openly share calorie content with their customers without shocking them into running out the door and straight into the gym! Most everything on the menu is under 500 calories and packs major health points. For my dinner, I ordered a roasted grape salad with mixed greens, goat cheese, sunflower seeds and red onion, tossed in a light vinaigrette, which was fantastic. The grapes added a nice sweet note next to the tangy goat cheese and sharp red onion. As a side, I ordered sesame carrots, sliced into a french fry shape and baked with sesame oil and vinegar, adding an aromatic smokey grilled flavor. I felt satisfied after my light meal, which only amounted to about 400 calories. My friend and I are both ga-ga for frozen yogurt, so after dinner we ran down the road a bit to the new Yogurt-Lab in Calhoun Commons. I was encouraged to try the bazaar combination of mascarpone yogurt with balsamic glaze and strawberries, which to my surprise, was unbelievably delicious. I am looking forward to trying the Mill Valley Kitchen as well as the Yogurt-lab another time! 

Click here for a link to the Mill Valley Kitchen Website

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