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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gefilte Fish... Wah?

Passover dinner this year came and went as many do, firing up the grill for meaty steaks, matzo, a prayer or two and some pleasant dinner conversation about the woes of the world... Just kidding! This years passover was a bit rebellious, for one we forgot the seddar plate, the manual, and the setting this year was up at the cabin instead of home, which I must admit was quite nice. Getting to the important piece here, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GEFILTE FISH? It has been a passover tradition to dish out this jarred, bazaar looking product, we refer to as fish, but WHY? I learned that gefilte fish is Yiddish for, "stuffed fish." The dish is a Jewish tradition and is made from poaching ground fish such as carp, whitefish or pike. The ground fish is then pressed and formed into fish patties if you will. Post WWII, gefilte began to make it's way into grocery stores in jars, for longer shelf life and lower cost. This fish is often served during passover, because it is not considered to be subject to the "evil eye." Furthermore, fish is not considered as milk or meat, and according to kosher law, it may be eaten more often (Wikipedia). For our dinner, my mother bought the jarred fish and doctored it up with fresh vegetables and broth. To be honest, I actually like this weird stuff... and wouldn't ever consider banishing it from the passover table :)

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