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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Frozen Yogurt has Arrived....


Finally.... the day has arrived that us cold blooded Minnesotans get to enjoy the sweetness of self-serve yogurt!!! I may be the only one jumping for joy now, but just wait until you try this delicacy first hand and then you'll know how I feel ;). The East and West coasts have been going bananas over this stuff for years and now entrepreneurs have finally caught on to the craze in the good 'ole midwest. Popular coastal chains such as Pinkberry, Menchies, and Red Mango all share the a similar concept of self-service, fun environment, extensive variety and of course a healthier option to ice cream. Believe it or not, frozen yogurt on average packs in half the calories of traditional ice cream! 
I became a huge fan of these places while vacationing in California a few years ago. I first discovered that yogurt had arrived in the Twin Cities this winter while passing by a newly opened Menchies in Highland, then discovered the Yogurt Lab in Calhoun Commons, Tutti Frutti in Maple Grove and Freestyle in St. Paul as featured in my blog. That's four new shops in the past year... amazing :) These shops work by charging the customer by weight of their yogurt concoction. I must admit, it is easy to get carried away adding mochi, candies, fruit and other such yummies to your bowl making this treat fairly pricey. My husband and I are trying to buy a house in St. Paul very close to Freestyle, which of course makes me very happy. What I like about Freestyle, is that it's not a franchise or chain as is run by a native Minnesotan. The atmosphere inside the shop is beachy and fun with bold red surf boards for tables and brightly colored walls. The flavor and topping options are extensive, allowing every taste bud equal opportunity satisfaction! 

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