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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brazilian Black Rice with Shrimp & White Wine Sauce

Tonight I made a unique dish using black rice. Black rice, also known as purple or forbidden rice is produced from black heirloom plants. Black rice is traditionally grown in Asian countries, yet has emerged in other tropical environments such as Brazil. Black rice has many health benefits, including 18 amino acids and numerous vitamins. It has a dense, nutty texture and flavor. When cooked, the rice transforms into a shade of purple, from the anthocyanin content. I stumbled upon a recipe by chef Aladim Alves, in Food & Wine Magazine. I found the recipe to be fairly simple and delicious. I love the white wine paired with a smokey tomato sauce to heighten the nuttiness of the black rice. The recipe calls for squid and shrimp, but I decided to just use shrimp as a cost saver. 


  1. rachel; looking forward to trying your recipe. please note that Forbidden Rice® is registered trademark of Lotus Foods. we were the first in the US to introduce this chinese black rice after we found it during a market research trip in 1993! we love its taste, texture, cooking quality and nutritional value and know why you do too!

  2. Thanks Caryl- love your product!