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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Lowry, Uptown

Today was my second visit to the Lowry. I first visited a few weeks ago for lunch and ordered a delicious steak salad paired with the best cornbread I have every had. The Lowry opened on 21st and Hennepin in Uptown a few months ago and has been busy every since. The Lowry is owned by the Blue Plate company who also own the Highland Grill and the Groveland Tap. The Lowry is staged as an urban diner serving everything from whiskey, to burgers to oysters. They are open daily from 6:30am to 2:00am and cater to a wide variety of customers from the Kenwood families, to the Uptown hipsters out for a drink at 1am! The decor is reminiscent of an old diner with swivel chairs and large booths, yet modernized. The color palate blends navy blues, deep woods, and lofty cement and leathers. Their menu is clean and simple offering a handful of snacks, burgers, salads, oysters, breakfast specialties and larger entrees. The first time I visited, I was so impressed by their moist whole kernel cornbread that I had to return ASAP! This time around, I sent off an email in request of their cornbread recipe. Our server today kindly denied my recipe request, explaining the restaurant had decided not to give out any of their recipes to the public. However, my dining experience today did not illustrate the same caliber of cornbread I had expected. The bread was tasty, yet lacked the rich moistness of the previous visit which I assume can be explained by the lack of freshness. I gather the bread served to me today was a day or two old, which was ever so disappointing seeing as though I had been dreaming about trying it again. I still recommend you try the cornbread and cross your fingers you get a fresh batch. For my entree, I ordered a vegetable hash with béarnaise, a rich sauce of butter, herbs and egg. The hash was tasty but needed a good dose of hot sauce to amp up the flavor. I had been hoping the vegetables would be larger and roasted, but they appeared to be chopped up into tiny squares and cooked right alongside the mini potato bites. The béarnaise sauce was delicious of course, I mean think about the ingredients ;). Even though my meal was not as impressive as my first go around, I will certainly try my luck again.

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