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Thursday, December 1, 2011


For one of our last days in Hawaii, we wanted to try once more the infamous Hawaiian lunch plate. We stopped at a small market called Pono in Kapaa, Kauai. We shared two plates, the first featuring the spicier version of poke with spicy mayo, kimchi, a korean cabbage salad, rice (duh!) and kalua pork, a popular local pork dish cooked in an underground oven for many hours. The smokiness of the pork is so wonderfully intoxicating, you can almost taste the pit. The kimchi and poke are bites I've had before but oh sooo good! The second plate features lomi salmon, lau lau, rice and Hawaiian macaroni salad all of which I've touched on in previous hawaii blog posts. Adam and I had just gotten back from deep sea fishing on the rolling waves of the sea (I caught the only fish ;)  and we could not wait to hop onto land at last and dig into some Hawaiian comfort food! As an aside, BEING A SEA FISHERMAN WILL NEVER BE A CAREER ON MY LIST!! 

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