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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Anchor Fish & Chips

Friday night I joined my family at the Anchor Fish and Chips for dinner. The Anchor opened about two years ago off of 13th Avenue NE and University, just down the street from Erte and the Modern. I have been wanting to try their famous fish and chips since they opened, but never got around to making the drive... or waiting an hour for a table. The restaurant is quite small and features a large open kitchen, a small bar serving beer and wine, a few tables and some intimate booths. The restaurant feels perfectly placed in it's NE working class home, feeling as if they had been a staple in the neighborhood for a lifetime. The decor is dark and cozy, without any fuss; much like their food.
My party and I arrived around 7pm on Friday night (they don't take reservations) and had to wait for nearly an hour and half so we passed the time with a drink and trivia at the 331 club down the street. Because seating is limited and demand is high, people wait and wait they do! When we finally sat down to eat, we were all starving and ordered right away. I ordered the fish and chips (of course!) with a side order of their homemade tarter sauce. The menu as pictured above is quite small. If you are looking for a salad or a light meal you better head on down to Erte, because everything on the menu is fried and heavy, but well worth the indulgence. Our food came up quickly after we ordered and we didn't waste any time before chowing down. The fish was perfectly tender, and battered with a light, airy dough, fried to a crisp golden brown. The chips are thickly cut in the traditional style, and sprinkled liberally with salt. They are tasty but a bit too soft for my liking, a crispier fry would have sent me soaring! Tarter sauce comes at an extra 50 cents and is well worth it. White vinegar is available at each table to dip your fish and chips, a traditional favorite of the Irish and Scottish. The meal was extremely satisfying and as they say on their menu, "it's the real deal"! I would like to return for another go and try their famous pasties. However, I'll be sure to arrive when they open or late at night when the lines have died down. 

Click here for a link to their website!

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