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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stockholm, WI Pizza Farm

This past Tuesday family, friends and I left early from work, packed up a picnic and drove out to Stockholm Wisconsin for pizza. No joke! You may be inclined to call me crazy, but this pizza is not your ordinary take and bake, it's a pizza and produce farm where 100% of the ingredients are either grown at the farm or at a local farm near by. People from all over the state flock to this farm for the picturesque views of rolling countryside, the starry night skies, the comrodory between picnickers and of course the wonderful wood fired pizzas and homemade bread.  The farm is only open to the public on Tuesdays between 4pm to 8pm. Folks come prepared with folding tables and chairs, wine, beer and side dishes to go with the pizza. The natural beauty of the farm and the landscape is worth the hour and a half trip from the cities alone. Breathing in the *now crisp fall air and relaxing in the bounty of nature is quite refreshing coming from the day to day grind of the city. Farm goers come from all walks of life, children and families, young couples, groups of friends and locals who have been coming to the farm every Tuesday for years and years. The farm focuses on creating a sustainable environment. There are no trash bins on the farm, all trash must be brought back with you to eliminate waste and if you reuse your pizza box next time to visit the farm, they'll give you 10% off your pizza! The farm offers a variety of pizza options depending upon the bounty of the crops. On the photo above, you can see their chalkboard menu and a man taking orders. Pizzas are quick to cook, taking less than 5 minutes in the oven due to the intensity of the heat in the wood ovens. We ordered a roasted potato pizza with rosemary and sweet onion as well as a roasted eggplant and vegetable pizza. The pizza's tasted extremely fresh and rich with earthly flavor from addition of fresh herbs and spices grown at the farm. The crust is prepared with a mixture of various grains and wheats in house which creates great texture and body. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent on the farm, and encourage any readers to check it out before the season ends at the end of November. Click here for a link to the farms website!

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  1. Hello! I am an art director with Delta SKy Magazine. we are doing an article on the Pizza Farm and would love to use one of your photos in our magazine, if possible. Please let me know! Amy