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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dinner Tonight: Butternut Squash Risotto with Smoked Bacon

Dinner tonight would certainly be considered Fall comfort food; creamy, cheesy, and bacon-y?! say no more. I found the recipe online, while looking for great Fall recipes. The recipe I found was published in Cooking Light magazine and actually packs less of a punch calorie-wise that your standard restaurant risotto thanks to two key factors, 1. no butter added and 2. less cheese. In Italy believe it or not, risotto is often served as a first course with a meat dish to follow, oh and don't forget the antipasti before the meal! For those of you who have never cooked risotto before, be advised that it does take a while, about a half hour just to cook the pasta. Risotto is a great meal to serve a small group, it's a crown pleaser, but it's not a dish you can pop into the oven and forget about. Below I have shared with you a link to the recipe. The recipe calls for walnuts, which I omitted as well as pancetta which I substituted for smoked bacon. The bacon renders a beautifully aromatic flavor to the risotto. Feel free to make each recipe you find your own by tweaking them a little to satisfy your own personal tastes. 

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