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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Made from Scratch Red Wine Marinara Pasta

Last week, my husband's grandmother gave us a dozen beautifully ripe tomatoes from her garden. I am not a fan of tomatoes alone, so I decided to make better use of them by cooking  homemade pasta sauce. I have never made a homemade pasta scratch completely from scratch, so I used a bit of experimentation to perfect the recipe. The pasta sauce ended up rich and sweet from the addition of red wine and tomato paste. The proportions of ingredients will change depending on how many tomatoes you have on hand so I will give you the basic ingredients and link to a great demo on cooking down the tomatoes. 

Basil, thyme, oregano, garlic, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes 
Olive oil 
Italian sausage
Tomato paste
Red wine 

Click here for a demo on cooking a homemade tomato sauce:

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