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Friday, July 29, 2011

Part II: Heidis

Anise scented lamb shank with cardamom scented jasmine rice and arugula sauce

For my 24th birthday this month my parents asked me where I'd like to go for dinner, without much hesitation I said Heidis. I had just been to Heidis in June as you can see in my blog but I knew that no other restaurant could compare to their creativity and bold flavors. I was thoroughly impressed as always with the fare. For the main course, I enjoyed the lamb shank. Served bone in for maximum flavor, the meat was incredibly tender and eatable with a fork. The meat tasted sweet and rich with a hint of cardamom which paired beautifully with the earthy, peppery arugula pesto. For dessert, I had the raspberry "shortcake," also quite divine. The cake reminded me of tres leches cake, made of condensed milk for a ultra moist center. The cake was spongy and sweet but not overly sweet. A fresh raspberry compote and whipped cream with crumbled pistachios coated the top of the cake. The meal was a perfect ending to a marvelous golden birthday!

Raspberry "shortcake" 

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