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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Can you think of a better way to round out a wedding weekend than an evening tasting at Heidis? I certainly cannot! First a bit of background, Heidis is a restaurant in Minneapolis which originated back in 2007 on 50th and Bryant. As you may know, a string of fires took down a strip of buildings in 2010 including Patina, Heidis and Black Bird. Thankfully, Heidis bounced back at 29th and Lyndale and is better than ever. Head chef, Stewert Woodman and wife Heidi have made a real attempt at keeping prices low and food better than ever. My husband Adam and I want to Heidis Sunday night following our delightful nuptials Saturday night. We sat outside on the patio which was pretty but could use a little snazzing up! Inside, is much larger than their first location and a bit more urban/hip with a large white branch seemingly growing out of the center of the restaurant as a focal point. The kitchen is open which I love, letting diners in on the action. Adam and I decided to order a sampling of small dishes as a tasting. We began with the bacon and scallop custard amuse-bouche, or one bite starter. The first mouthful was a pleasant with an almost sweet taste with a hint of salt from the bacon dusting atop the custard. Finding the scallop hidden at the bottom of the shooter was the highlight and blended perfectly with the bacon and rich custard. Next, we dared to sample the beef tongue, a sure spender of tender  melt in your mouth texture next to the silky soy noodles... a favorite for sure! Next, we tried the asparagus soup, which was poured table side by a knowledgeable server eager to explain its magic. By far my favorite of the night, with an earthly herbal flavor unlike anything I have tried. Who knew asparagus could render such incredible delicate flavor. Adding the bit of king crab on the top, was the icing on the cake. Next we sampled the shefzilla surprise, a secret menu item unknown until served. Unfortunately the mystery factor was not enough to send me singing. I found the pheasant too tough and bland to be paired with such a rich flavorful pho broth. For a main course, we shared the quail lasagna. Now you'd never know you were eating  lasagna from  looking at the photo, but all the components were there, ie: layering of the saffron noodles, pancetta, tomato and quail. The dish featured an extensive variety of textures which I enjoy and played with all the right taste elements. As a side, we shared the spinach gratin, which we were a bit underwhelmed by. The dish was bland and lacked the richness and originality of the previous dishes. Overall, we were extremely pleased by the meal as well as our pocket books. Six beautiful plates only landed us $58 dollars poorer and well worth it. I cannot think of anywhere else in the cities where you can get this kind of elevated local cuisine for the price. I highly recommend trying Heidis. Click here to learn more!
Bacon & scallop custard 

Pickled tongue with soy noodles 

Asparagus soup with king crab 

Quail lasagna with saffron noodles & pancetta

Shefzilla surprise: pheasant pho with
 sesame noodles
Spinach gratin

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