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Monday, May 9, 2011


Crab Fritter
Today for lunch I joined my mom at On's Kitchen, a new thai restaurant off of Snelling and University in Saint Paul. I first read about On's Kitchen in the Star Tribune a few weeks ago, raving about the chef/owner, On's authentic thai cooking. The space is small, dark and sparsely decorated. As we walked in I saw the chef, On working alone in the kitchen. We were seated right away and began to immediately salivate upon looking at the lengthly three page menu with photos of almost every dish. I knew I wanted to try the huh-mok, a steamed tilapia custard with red curry for an appetizer. I choose a second appetizer upon the recommendation of our server, a crab fritter. For a main course, we decided to spit the "spicy noodles" which also received high praise in the Star Trib review. The food arrived seemingly within minutes of ordering, surprisingly seeing as though On was solo in the kitchen and a handful of other tables were also awaiting their plates. First, we tried the huh-mok which was like nothing I have ever tried. The dish is to be scooped out of a banana leaf with a spoon. I first taste ginger and then a sweet flaky fish coated in onion and curry. The dish was surprisingly spicy, but hit all the right notes. We then tried the crab fitters. I was hoping to find a rich amount of crab inside, but instead I tasted minced pork fried in a ball almost like a bad fried egg roll from the school lunch line. Needless to say, not impressed! I think the server underestimated our palate. Lastly, we dove into the spicy noodles, and when they say spicy, they mean it! We ordered the dish spicy thinking they would go easy on the heat like most restaurants but oh no! The thin slippery noodles were sweet and spicy with a punch of curry flavor, egg, veggies and tender chicken. I loved this dish and would certainly order it again.  I was intrigued by the variety of authentic Thai options hard to find elsewhere. I am anxious to go back and try a few more exotic options!

Spicy Noodle 

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