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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dinner Tonight: Squash Lasagna

Tonight I made a squash lasagna for a dinner party. I prepared the dish earlier in the day so that when my guests arrived I could just pop it into the oven. Squash is a little harder to find in the supermarket now that it's spring, so if you can't find squash, you could substitute using any fresh vegetable. Next time I make a lasagna I would love to try a spring lasagna with pesto, peas, cream sauce, spinach, and pine nuts for a crispy crust... stay tuned :)

The recipe I used tonight was taken from Cookinglight. I changed a few things, using spices such as basil, paprika, garlic, onion power, thyme and oregano. Overall, 
the dish was a crowd pleaser and a great meal to make for guests! 
Link to recipe:

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