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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

First off I wanted say how excited I was to wake up to a few new followers. 
You made my day so thank you for your support! 
Now getting to my favorite breakfast sandwich composed of a simple fried egg, half an avocado, fresh salsa and a toasted crumpet. If you have never tried a crumpet, I highly recommend you buy a pack at your next grocery store outing. I can find them at Rainbow, Cub and Lunds (they can be hidden so ask for them). Crumpets are a savory bread made of flour and yeast traditionally eaten in England. Crumpets have a flat top with many small pores and a half-chewy-spongy texture. They have been used as pancakes in some parts of the world. The best way to use them in my opinion is to toast them and use them as the base for an egg sandwich. Crumpets can absorb a tremendous amount of moisture because of their porous nature, making them a great surface for butter, jam, salsa or any other condiment. Crumpets are surprisingly light, containing only 60 calories each. Other ways with the infamous crumpet could be a mini pizza with melted cheese and tomato sauce, eggs benedict, peanut butter and banana, honey... the list goes on. I hope you'll decide to add crumpets into your basket the next time you're at the market! 

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